Consultation for VISA procedure

In the case of the consultation of the visa, many foreigner asked me,「Mr.X was OK, so am I also OK ?」
They want to get a relief for their visa by being similar case to others.
But everyone has his own life, although having similar career and employment record. In addition, the Immigration law and regulations are often changed by government policy and social conditions. So it may not always become the same result.
My office offers visit consultation service about visa problem to your home or office for your comfort.
The charge is 10,000 yen for 1 hour and if you hope to consult your matter, please click lower button "CONTACT" and fill in the blanks with necessary informations, then click the button "SUBMIT". I usually contact you within 24 hours by E-mail.


Also why don't you join any free consultations holding in various places ? Anyway please be careful not to become irreparable your visa trusting wrong information. Well, I hereinafter replied some frequent questions about residence qualification.
But these answers are general ones, so it may not be so in practice.
For your reference only, I showed these examples. Therefore, for your individual case, please contact to experts such a Gyosei-Shoshi Lawyers or Immigration Bureau office directly.

* I can not take any responsibility for individual case without personal interview  

FAQ about VISA procedure

1.  I'm a foreign student of Japanese university. I have a scholarship, but, in Japan, prices are serious highly. Therefore I intend to work part-time, but is there any problem ?
   Please take a "permission of working out of qualification". It is not a purpose that the foreign student originally works. And the activity to get an income, a reward is not recognized because it is admitted the residence for study. However, please receive the permission beforehand because it is admitted for a range without the hindrance for study comprehensively if it is a parttimer within 28 hours a week. If you work without getting permission, you may be disadvantaged at the time of renovation of your residence.

2.  I raise a trade-related company by oneself after graduation from university in next March and think to work energetically. Should I apply for a residence qualification change to "Investment, Operation or Manager" after graduation?
   I cannot conclude because I do not know the situation concretely, but normally it is very difficult to change the qualification to "Investment, Operation or Manager" from "Study". The Immigration Bureau authorities consider that a student without work experience cannot administrate well a company. In addition, it is required the investment more than 5,000,000 yen and two regular staff employment. Therefore, I recommend you to search for some job in a trading company first and prepare to establish your own company after getting enough expert knowledge and experience.

3.  I have a residence qualification of three years "Humanities knowledge / International". The period is still left for approximately 2 years and I changed my job to a another company. Do I need any procedure ?
   It is better to get a "Certificate of authorized employment". If you do not take any procedure, you have a some risk for renewing your residence qualification because the Immigration Bureau may judge the job is not appropiate for your residence qualification. In addition, if you change your job again, the preparation for renewing residence qualification will be very complicated. To avoid it, getting the certificate is very useful. It means that the Immigration Bureau already checked your new job and the job is appropiate for your residence.

4.  My mother(70 years old) lives alone after the decease of my father and there is no familly in my country. I want to invite her and live together in Japan, but what kind of procedure should I do ?
   According to the actual Immigration law, your mother can visit a Japan with temporary visit visa, but there is no adequate visa for residence unfortunately. Therefore, for the question of inviting parent and live together in Japan, the basical answer is "NO". But in this case, she is sufficient old for work and does not have relatives in country, so I think there is some way to resoluve this problem. Please contact a some expert of Immigration matters in your district.

5.  After the marriage with Japanese, I live in Japan with the residence qualification "Spouse of Japanese". I have a son born to a former husband(foreigner) in my country. With my husband's acceptance, I would like to call him and live together, is it possible?
   If your son satisfies required conditions such as being your own child, being in his minority, receiving your support, it is possible to get the residence qualification "Long term resident". The secret of forwarding the procedure to obtain this visa is explain well the relationship.

6.  I married with Japanese 5 years ago and do not have child. Recently we have continuous quarrel from a difference of the sense of values. Perhaps we are going to conclude a dicision for divorce. In case of divorce, how will change my residence qualification ? Can I continue to stay in Japan ?
   In case of divorce, you can not renew your residence qualification "Spouse of Japanese". If you live in Japan long time and firmly related with japanese society, you have a possibility to get the residence qualification "Long term residence". If you have specail ability or sufficient academic background, you have a possibility to get a another residence qualification. However without particular interview, it is impossible to reply. Therefore please contact individually a some specialist of Immigration matters.

7.  I have 2 years more my residence qualification. But my passport expires in next month. What should I do ?
   A procedure of the seal posting is necessary. Please bring your old and new passport to the window of Immigration Bureau.

8.  I'm expecting now. The partner is a Japanese man, but we do not have the plan of marriage now. How will about the nationality of a born baby ?
   From january 2009, if the child is recognized by japanese and under 20 years old, it is possible to get the Japanese nationality by registration.

9.  I have a plan to adopt foreign child, but is it possible ? In addition, what procedure should I do to take the appropriate visa.
   Even if the child is foreigner, it is possible to adopt the child with corresponding conditions. But the matter of visa is totally different. Many people believe that adoption bring residence qualification automatically, however it is basically dificult to obtain a visa except the case of special adopted child under 6 years or companion child of your foreign partner.

 I have Japan and foreign dual nationality. Which passport should I use on the occasion of emigration and immigration ?

         A  If you have a nationality of Japan, you are Japanese. So please use japanese passport at Japanese emigration and immigration.

     11.  Is it true the obligation of entry to health insurance to renew the residence qualification ?

         A  From 1st of april in 2010, staff of Immigration office ask you the presentation of the card of health insurance
           (national health insurance) to renew or change the residence qualification.