OFFICE ONIZUKA(Immigration Lawyer)


* Immigration Lawyer is not a lawyer that acts in court but national licensed specialist that makes administrative procedures for authorities, specialy for Immigration Bureau.

My office mainly offer VISA application service for foreign residents in Japan since 1998. (National Licence No.98086458)


Characteristics of my office

 1.Visiting service

 You can consult, make peparation and receive the result in your favorite place (home, office etc) except some special cases such as Special permission for overstayers.

 2.Direct service by authorized specialist

  Immigration Lawyer authorized by Tokyo Immigration Bureau atend you from the first to the last.(Probably you are atended by employee who speak English in most case of other office)

 3.Transparent fees

 After first interview with you, I show you concrete fee. Then you can decide whether you ask or not for comfortable service.

Merit of using specialist's service

In short word, it is secure and fast. It is possible to make application by yourself. But, in complicated case or formerly rejected one, I recomend you to receive specialst's help to avoid irrevocable result.

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〒157-0062 5-1-7 Minami-karasuyama Setagaya-ku Tokyo Tel/Fax 03-5313-6567 e-mail

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