More than 10 years stay continually in Japan and passed at least 5 years since you got WORKING VISA
More than 3 years passed since you married

If you clear above condition and have longest period of your visa category, you already have minimum requisite for application for permanent residence formally.
  1. Your behavior and conduct have been good
  2. You have suffient assets or ability to maintain independent life
  3. Your permanent residence will accord with Japan's public interests
    only when you conform to above conditions, you can obtain the permission for permanent residence.
    (if you are Spouse of Japanese, you don't need to satisfy above 1. and 2.)

Now I explain more concretely.
Concerning above 1., if you don't have any criminal record and live in regional society as an inhabitant paying taxes, there is no problem.
Regarding above 2., needless to say, if you have much assets or high grade technical ability, increases the possibility of your permission.
About above 3., the Immigration Bureau consider whether your permanent residence will be profitable for Japanese society or not. In short, the Immigration Bureau has great discretionary powers.
Of course, they have interior criteria, but according to the various circumstances, they frequently change it. So it is relatively dificult to expect the result of the application comparing with the application for naturalization.
But if you don't have any problem, the application will be allowed. So if you want to know the possibility of your application for permanent residence and receive useful advise to obtain it, I recomend to consult with some experienced specialist.
For your information, there are some example in the Immigration's HP.

You must show your conformation to criteria for permanent residence. If some document is lacking for your application or there is any error on your application, you may receive bad influence.(till delay of the procedure to no permission of your application)
So be carafull to prepare to make the documentation for the application for Permanent Residence.


  • Application form for Permanent Residence Permission
  • Document which proves family relation(copy of family register, marriage certificate, birth certificate etc)
  • Certificate of foreign registeration for applicant and family, or resident's card
  • Document which prove the occupation(holding post certificate etc)
  • Document which prove the income(tax payment cartificate which shows the income of the last 1 year)
  • Document concerned with guarantee for identity[The guarantor must be Japanese or Permanent Resident] (letter of the guarantee/holding post certificate/income certificate/resident's card or foreign register certificate)

*A person except the above mentioned it*
@Adding to the above mentioned documents,
  • Document which prove the assets of applicant or supporter(balance certificate etc)
  • Document which prove the payment of the taxes(tax payment certificate which shows the income of the last 3 yeas)
  • Application reason letter(translation is required except japanese)
  • A copy if you received any distinguished services or commendation from Japan or local government
  • Others

The documents vary according to the type of the VISA and circumstances of each applicant, so please confirm to your regional Immigration Bureau or specialist beforehand.

My office is specialized in Immigration Bureau procedure since 1998 and I cooperate with Ward office and International Asociation participating in the free consultation. As you know, the office hour of the Immigration Bureau is from 9:00 to 4:00 on week days.(in case of Tokyo Immigration Bureau)
The person who consider the application for Permanent Residence has a base of life in Japan and it may be dificult to make some time off to go to Immigration office.
For those people, my office offer following services.

  • Prior consultation in your home, office or your convenient place
  • Preparation of documents for application
  • Application for the VISA at the Immigration Bureau in place of you
  • Reception of the VISA at the Immirgation Bureau in place of you and deliver to your designated place

With these services, you don't need to take a holiday nor spend so much time at the office of Immigration Bureau.

STANDARD FEE(Actual expenses distinction)

Simple case of Japanese Spouse@@@@@@@@@@@‚T‚OC‚O‚O‚O `
Others@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@‚P‚O‚OC‚O‚O‚O `
Prior consultation(in case of order, free)@@@@@@‚P‚OC‚O‚O‚O(up to 1 hour)

The concrete fee will be shown after prior consultation. Then you can decide whether you ask or not. If you can not decide at that time, it is enough to pay only prior consultation fee.